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Original Formula Blends

Bravo! Original Formula Blends offer the convenience of pre-made blends of pure premium grade meats, organ meats, ground bones and vegetables. All you need to add are a few supplements. Products come in one, two and five pound frozen tubes.  Selected Bravo! Original Formula Blends are  available as pre-frozen 8 oz. burgers  for a convenient, quick, portion controlled way to store and prepare a meal.

Look for these labels to purchase Bravo Original Formula Blends
Bravo Original Formula productsClick on the Original Formula Blend meat below for a brief description, ingredients, guaranteed analysis and nutritional analysis.

> Premium Chicken Blend
> Premium Beef Blend
> Premium Turkey Blend
> Premium Lamb Blend
> Premium Pork Blend

(Chicken shown above in 1, 2, and 5 pound frozen tubes)