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Feeding raw has never been healthier or easier when you feed Bravo! Balance Raw Diet, the very best, nutritionally complete fresh frozen raw food diet. Bravo! Balance meets AAFCO standards for 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages of a dog or cat. Available in Chicken, Turkey and Beef formulas in two product formats - 4 oz full size burgers and bulk in tubes (chubs) in two and five pound sizes.

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The Bravo Balance® Raw Food Diet line of products is the latest Bravo! raw diet innovation, a product specially formulated to provide your pet with 100% complete and balanced nutrition to promote better health, more energy and the well being of your companion animal. Bravo Balance® offers the same “less is more” single protein formulas that distinguish all of our products:
  • A turkey product is all turkey
  • Beef is all beef
  • And chicken is all chicken.

With Bravo Balance® Raw Food Diet you have many safe choices for dogs and cats with allergies. Our fewer-ingredient, all-in-one-protein formulas reduce the chances your pet will have an allergic reaction to their food.

In addition to simplicity, the Bravo Balance product formulas offer quality and purity.
Bravo Balance® is made with:
  • Human-grade poultry with no added antibiotics sourced from USDA-inspected plants producing human grade proteins
  • Hormone-free, grass-fed red meats
  • Grade A vegetables
  • Added vitamins and minerals

Bravo! makes Balance Raw Diet blends in a variety of sizes, protein types and formats to offer you choice.

Packaging & Size Options
Balance Blends
2 lb Chub
5 lb Chub
10 lb Chub
4 oz Burger
8 oz Burger
Chicken Blend
Turkey Blend
Beef Blend

Finally, all of the products in the Bravo Balance product family meet the AAFCO standard for 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages for both cats and dogs.

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