Quality Assurance

Itís not news to anyone that there have been product recalls over the past few years, both on the human side and the pet side of the food chain. Bravo! recognizes our reputation for making products that are safe to serve is critical. To that end, we have taken a number of steps to put the information you need about the safety of our products right at your fingertips.
  1. Every Bravo! raw diet product is sent to an independent laboratory and tested for the presence of bacteria. No product leaves our plants until we receive confirmation the product has tested to be free of bacteria.
  2. You can get a copy of the test results for the Bravo! raw diet product you purchased by emailing the name of the product, product size, item number and "Best Used by" date printed on the package to Bravo!
  3. Please remember to include the protein type (Chicken, Turkey, Beef, etc.), name of the product (Chicken Blend, Chicken Balance) you purchased, size (2 lb., 5lb., 10lb.), to insure we send you accurate and complete information.
  4. For example: Please provide me with the test results for the following product:
    • Product name: Bravo! Beef Blend
    • The "Date of Manufacture" or the "Best Used by" date printed on the chub) Note: Bravo! Blend and Bravo! Balance Burger bags have a white label on the bottom of the bag with the ďBest Used ByĒ date.
    • Protein type: Beef
    • Package size: 5 lb. chub (tube).
    • Best used by: 2/1/16
    • Please send the test results to: Your email address or postal address
    • Attention of: Your name
    • Brief description of any problem (if any) you see or suspect regarding this product: (Description)
    • Please allow 2 weeks for a response.
    • If you have encountered a serious problem or if your pet is showing signs of sickness, take the pet to your veterinarian for immediate care. Following the vetís examination and diagnosis, please call 866-922-9222 to report the suspected problem.
  5. Every step of the manufacturing and distribution process, from our plant floor to the retailerís freezer, is carefully monitored to ensure the product is properly transported and stored. We select our distributors based upon their experience and expertise in handing a fresh frozen food product and we quality control how our products are handled at every step of the distribution process.
  6. We do not subcontract production of any of our products to outside third party sources. We carefully select the sources from which we buy the raw ingredients, we control how it is handled after delivery to our plant, we control every step of the manufacturing process, and we use human grade ingredients and no animal by-products in any of our formulas. The health and safety of our customerís companion animals and you, their guardian is of the utmost importance.


    Bravo! products show a "Date of Manufacture" printed directly on the packaging or on a white tag on the bottom of products packaged in bags.

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