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Vets Also say bravo to Bravo
Submitted By: Patricia M, Johnstown, CO
   Kevin's beauty, health and life are a testament to the power of raw diets.

Dear Ms. Schubert, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you at Clicker Expo in Portland, OR last week. Once I arrived home, I offered my dog Kevin his first taste of the [Homestyle Complete™] samples you so generously provided. Kevin is a great test subject for the palatability of any food as well as gastrointestinal tolerance. He loved the food, ate readily, and drooled in anticipation of the next meal. He has done well on both the beef and pork diets with no gastrointestinal disturbance.

Upon my return, I  read “Beginnings – Getting Your Dog and Cat Started On A Raw Diet”.  I am impressed with the information provided and will be offering this as a resource for my clients in the future. 

Kevin's beauty, health and life are a testament to the power of raw diets. Thank you for introducing me to this new line of freeze dried diets and a new protein source as well.

- Patricia Mahoney DVM, MA

Happy girl!
Submitted By: Carolanne O, Brandon, FL
   My dog Lacey was getting up in age (14) and had many health issues...

My Cockapoo Lacey was getting up in age (14) and had many health issues that we were contending with. She didn't stop eating, but was eating less and less and I, of course, became concerned. A mutual friend of Bette and mine suggested that I try Bravo. So, I contacted Bette and she helped me choose the right food for Lacey. I am so glad I did. Lacey loved this food and ate it with delight. She looked forward to breakfast and dinner every day. It made me feel so good, as her mom, to see her appetite come back and a pep in her step that I had not seen for sometime. I am so sad to say that we lost Lacey on 11/19/14 to heart failure but knowing that I fed her the best food I could find up until her last day gave me some peace. I could never be without a dog and will find another forever friend again one day and will be sure to continue to use Bravo!

Lotus and her allergies
Submitted By: Delena S, Kansas City, MO
   I've been battling allergies with Lotus our Terrier mix...

I have fed Bravo for many years rotating my proteins. The past couple of years I've been battling allergies with Lotus our Terrier mix. This past year she was tested and found out she was allergic to duck, venison, millet and peanuts. Upon receiving this diagnosis I changed her diet to feeding Bravo Chicken and Bone and Beef and Bone, some Buffalo and Rabbit. To balance this I add the Bravo Vegetables. Lotus went back to her vet yesterday a happier and healthier little dog. Bravo has given me more options without sacrificing nutrition.

Petey, my Pit Bull/Boxer mix, was diagnosed with cushings disease 2 years ago. When I found out I cried for weeks. I thought it was a death sentence. My vet suggested changing him to raw food to help him live a longer, happier life. Petey is now 10 years old and enjoys eating Bravo Turkey, Chicken, Lamb and Beef occasionally. He has so much more energy a beautiful coat and living his senior years happy. I wanted to thank you for your product. I am one happy customer. 

My kitty Katniss, or Kat, as we call her for short, just loves her Bravo freeze-dried chicken pieces. She goes absolutely nuts for them and meows like crazy when she wants me to give them to her.


Zeppelin the miracle dog!
Submitted By: Carly R, Oglesby, IL
   Our Rottweiler Zeppelin has always had health problems...

Our Rottweiler Zeppelin has always had health problems starting at just a few days old. His breeder saved him when he became extremely ill at just 5 days old. Around 2 years old he developed extreme allergies causing massive staph infections along his back from his rib cage to his nub. After a year of antibiotics and steroids nonstop, I took him to Dr. Karen Becker who put him on a raw diet which healed the staph infections, but I did not get him there soon enough. The constant drugs had damaged his immune system severely, causing his body to not respond well to antibiotics and when he got sick he got VERY sick. To the point where traditional vets didn't think he would live very long, but he always bounced back.

After several years of surgical procedures and many close calls, we once again found ourselves back at the holistic vet where we were introduced to Bravo raw food. Zeppelin had been on raw most of his adult life, but this was his first experience with this brand. Within a month he had gained 6 lbs. From day one he had solid stools (the first in a long time) and was feeling great!

Today Zeppelin is back to himself again and his blood work is coming back normal, which our original vet said would never happen. He also continues to gain weight and improve! We have now switched 6 of my dogs to Bravo. I am a groomer and also breed and show Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers and Boxers. I recommend Bravo to all my puppy owners and clients. Thank you Bravo! 

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