Quality assurance.

At Bravo, we know we have a reputation to uphold for making safe, healthy companion animal products. Here’s why pet parents can feel good about the quality and safety of our products.

  1. Every Bravo raw diet product is tested for the presence of pathogens (salmonella,
    e-coli 0157:H7 and listeria monocytogenes.) We test during the manufacturing process and we test when the product has been fully processed. No product ships until we receive confirmation the product has tested to be free of pathogens.
  2. Every step of the manufacturing and distribution process, from our plant floor to the retailer’s freezer is designed to ensure the product is properly transported and stored.
  3. We carefully select the sources from which we buy the raw ingredients and we control how the raw materials are handled after delivery. The health and safety of every family member, both people and pets, is of the utmost importance. To learn about our 10-step food safety process, click here.

All Bravo products show a "BEST USED BY" date printed directly on the packaging (see example). If you suspect there is a problem with any of our products, it is important that you record and provide the code date on the package to us as part of your inquiry. Please record this information BEFORE disposing of the packaging material. Note: Bravo Blend and Bravo Balance Patty bags have a white label on the bottom of the bag with the “Best Used By” date.


You can get a copy of the test results for the Bravo raw diet product you purchased by emailing us with the name of the product, product size, item number and "Best Used by" date printed on the package. Please remember to include the protein type (Chicken, Turkey, Beef, etc.), name of the product (Chicken Blend, Chicken Balance) you purchased, and size (2 lb. or 5 lb.) to ensure that we send you complete, accurate information. See an example of an email request in the box on the right. Please allow 2 weeks for a response.