Are raw diets safe?

Are they safe for dogs and cats?

Yes. Dogs and cats are NOT humans. They have a much shorter digestive tract. Which means the food they eat is processed quickly, before pathogens have a chance to multiply and cause problems. Carnivores also have high acidity in their digestive system, so they can process the nutrients in raw meats and bones. Nature did not evolve carnivores to eat a diet that would harm them!

That being said, you can rest assured that all Bravo! products are made with ingredients produced under strict food safety guidelines. To learn more about our 9-step pathogen control process, visit this page

Are they safe for you and your family?

Again, the answer is yes. Raw Bravo diets and treats are as safe to handle as the raw meats you prepare for yourself. Just follow a few simple steps in defrosting, preparation, serving and storage. Visit How to Store and Serve Bravo Raw Diets or download our Bravo Beginnings booklet for details.